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Finding Passion
A Self-Discovery Approach for Navigating Career Crossroads

Finding Passion, a Self-Discovery workbook to create the Roadmap of Your Dreams spacer

The self-discovery workbook asks you the questions you've long been avoiding to figure out what you want, and then develop a plan to bring it forward. Includes over 20 self-discovery strategies.

  • Uncover your Passion
  • Challenge fears and old thinking
  • Reconnect with your inner desires
  • Make informed life-changing decisions
  • Align your career and lifestyle with fulfillment and happiness
  • Designed for busy professionals who want deep, personal answers and not surface solutions

Book Reviews

“I've read other books like this but you waste no time jumping right into asking me what I really want. I like it!”

“I want to let you know your writing style resonates with me. It feels like you are right next to me having a conversation. Brilliant. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing how you felt as you were dealing with overwhelm. It takes courage to be spots, warts, triumphs and all which makes us unique and amazing. You are a fabulous role model!”

“I just wanted to say that I really have taken the work and self-discoveries very seriously. Especially the values I came up with. I feel like my mind and thought process has been evolving. Some family and friends have even commented. Your book is great!”

“My favorite chapter in the book was Authenticity. A highly recommended read for all business professionals.”

“You inspire me everyday to stay true to myself, to believe in my dreams and to know that I can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you for being your fabulous self and sharing your personal experiences and professional knowledge with me and the world!”

“Finding Passion is well organized and makes personal reflection easy. The exercises helped me closely examine my own motivations allowing me to tap into my passion.”

“The book helped me prioritize what I wanted instead of what others say I should do. People don't know how to ask these questions of themselves.”

“Your book has really helped in supporting me to start really focus on thinking about where I am currently in my career and where do I want to go going forward. This will be something that I will use on a regular basis as I progress in my career. Thank you for sharing your story and passion for helping others.”

“I recognized it is OK for me not to live up to other's values and expectations but to identify what is important to me!”

“Just started reading your book last night. I tore into it like a rabid dog as your story drew me in! I saw some of myself in your words (I guess that is the point of the whole thing) and got excited about the possibilities.”

“The book was very good at prioritizing me. I was forced to think outside the box.”

“There are many people who like to do 'self-help' on their own time. The workbook is likely a more cost effective and efficient way for busy, cash-strapped individuals to make personal progress.”

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About the Author

Jessica Manca, Author of Finding Passion and Certified Life Coach

Jessica Manca


JESSICA MANCA, is a certified coach, author, entrepreneur and former management consultant. She founded Managing Mindspaces, a professional coaching firm, providing sensible career and life coaching services to professionals making life-changing decisions. Jessica has been motivating individuals for over fifteen years as a professional Coach, Speaker, Project Manager and Mentor to young leaders. She believes Passion is the answer to so many decisions in life. Read her story.

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