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Starter program + Finding Passion Method™

This program is ideal for you if you're frustrated with your career. You might be a high performer or career-driven person who suddenly is...
  • Considering a significant career change, such as a second-career
  • Reaching a life milestone such as finding a partner, starting a family, being mid-career or pre-retirement
  • Feeling unfulfilled in a well-paying job you've worked years to obtain
  • Feeling unmotivated and bored with work like you're wasting time
  • Fearing how to handle success for your bigger goals
  • Knowing what you want and bringing your vision, movement, or business to life
  • Wanting control with your balance and lifestyle, designing your life

The 10-Step Finding Passion Method™ dives deep to know what you want

Finding Passion Book
We've created the essential steps, questions and exercises to ask yourself the tough questions when it comes to your career. Each chapter in the book, "Finding Passion" is designed for self-discovery and your personal learning. The book contains over 20 self-discovery strategies that we can use in addition to the deep-dive coaching to uncover what you really want. The book concludes with a personal action plan allowing you to transition from here to there!

Membership includes:

Self-Discovery Intensive Workshop

This personal workshop focuses on identifying your blockers to help define goals and outcomes for our coaching. This workshop includes reflection time and coaching. As inputs to this workshop, you’ll complete a Self-Discovery Assessment.

Coaching Dashboard or Action Plan

Your Dashboard becomes the foundation and agenda for coaching. While you may choose to work on other goals during this same time, you will track the goals in which you need support from me as your coach. We create it together, and you own this document to capture your learnings throughout your program.

Personal copy of the Book, "Finding Passion"

Enjoy a paperback copy of the workbook for you to use during and beyond the coaching program. Also available for Kindle on Amazon.

Ongoing Coaching sessions

Now, we have a running start at working towards your goals. We continue coaching in dedicated sessions where you'll have a take-away or action item that you will be held accountable to. These assignments are due before the next call. We also capture key ideas, blindspots, and reminders summarizing our work.

Alignment and Awareness Accountability Reminders

Emailing you a coaching question a week to help reset your intentions and focus between our sessions.

Bonus Toolkits, Self-Discovery Worksheets and Support

Access to my exclusive personal library including future book chapters & exercises, strategies and checklists for career transition needs. Additional gift copy of "Finding Passion." You'll also have access to me for email support ongoing throughout this program.


Standard and Brave Leap savings available

I'm interested! What's the next step?

  1. You'll fill out a few background questions and schedule an initial consultation call using the online scheduler.
  2. During our phone call, I'll block at least an hour of my time to discuss your goals and challenges.
  3. You'll experience coaching and confirm that 1) Coaching is what you need; and 2) You'd love to continue with me. If we decide to work together, I'll explain the next steps for getting started.
  4. In every coaching session, you'll have a take-away or action item that you will be held accountable to.
  5. We'll reduce the pressure you're feeling now and begin building our momentum towards your success!

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Career and Personal Transformations

Benefit: Personal Power and PossibilitiesPersonal Power

“I loved working with Jessica, she helped me identify what were my limiting beliefs and co-created a journey to discover my personal power. The visuals and the work we did over the three months has helped me live my possibilities. And there are endless possibilities!”

~ Shawn Needham, Vancouver, BC

Benefit: StrengthRenewed Focus

“Before coaching, I was in a state of being overwhelmed, unsure where to start with the things that seemed insurmountable. Even just one coaching session helped to clear away the fog and bring a new focus to my thinking...”

~ Connie Wollschlager

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