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Starter program
+ Finding Passion Method™

Are you considering a significant career change, such as a second-career? Do you feel unfulfilled in a well-paying job, and not sure how to fix it?

Premium program
+ Finding Passion Method™

Are you craving a new start in your life and career? Do you recognize your life anymore or do you feel lost in it?

Avoid The #1 Most Common Mistake

Personal Change is a series of stages, not a single step

Coaching is customized to your situation and specific needs. For best results, our work will proceed through the common stages of personal change to ensure fears are conquered and personal change lasts. Our program works at your pace to ensure success and the results you want. We'll be listening for self-doubt and fears and hold you accountable to commitments (especially to yourself) in order to move forward. In coaching, there is no single act that can close the gap of where you are to where you want to be. The journey will be full of learning as you reach closer to what you want.

Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation,
Action, Maintenance, Integration

We coach the whole person. Life. Career. Family. Lifestyle. and More. Read success stories from clients like you:

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Career and Personal Transformations

Benefit: Personal Power and PossibilitiesPersonal Power

“I loved working with Jessica, she helped me identify what were my limiting beliefs and co-created a journey to discover my personal power. The visuals and the work we did over the three months has helped me live my possibilities. And there are endless possibilities!”

~ Shawn Needham, Vancouver, BC

Benefit: StrengthRenewed Focus

“Before coaching, I was in a state of being overwhelmed, unsure where to start with the things that seemed insurmountable. Even just one coaching session helped to clear away the fog and bring a new focus to my thinking...”

~ Connie Wollschlager

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