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2014 Event Schedule

Jan 10: LOUD Business Vancouver: How to make New Year's Resolutions Stick
Feb 2: Women in Leadership 2014 Mentor Graduation; Find the Right Career
Mar 24: Women in Leadership March Social; Debunking Ms. Perfect
June 24: Women in Leadership June Social; Styling Your Brand
July 10: How to Find Your Passion LIVE training webinar
July 24: Simon Fraser University MBA Women's Council; How to Find the Right Career and Follow Your Dreams
Aug 12: How to Find Your Passion LIVE training webinar
Sep 15: How To Put Your Happiness First | Mondays with Manca
Sep 29: How To Get Off the Roller coaster and Regain Control | Mondays with Manca
Oct 20: How To Gain Time and Save Energy | Mondays with Manca
Oct 21: The Inner Journey of an Authentic Leader with Tana Heminsley, powered by Women in Leadership
Oct 27: How To Find Your Passion LIVE training webinar
Nov 20: How to Find Your Passion LIVE training webinar
Dec 3: SunLife Financial; How to Gain Time and Save Energy

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Book Jessica

If you are interested in scheduling Jessica for an event or keynote, please call 604-762-4456.

Speaking Topics

  • How to Find Your Passion
  • How to make better decisions
  • The necessary ingredients to live authentically
  • Dismantling your inner critic (negative self-talk)
  • Making personal change last
  • Choosing the "right" career

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“As the Vancouver Co-Chair for the Women in Leadership Foundation, Jessica Manca is a significant member of our leadership team who is often asked to speak at our events and socials. Jessica preseneted at our mentorship graduation, facilitated her Ms. Perfect presentation and emceed at our recent social. What stands out about Jessica is that she speaks with passion, radiates high, positive energy and brings it all together with her sharp business mind & communications. Jessica has outstanding public speaking skills and presents in an interactive, supportive, captivating and fun way! She is brilliant!”

- Maya Kanigan, Founder of Women in Leadership Foundation

“Our first networking meeting of the year hosted guest speaker, Jessica Manca, executive coach and author of "Finding Passion." Jessica truly engaged the room with her interactive presentation style. She quickly grasped the needs and interests of teh audience and addressed them so that everyone left with some new insight or learning. After her presentatino she continued to engage on a one-on-one level with everyone in the room. Jessica was a great guest speaker contributing greatly to the success of our event and set a high standard for our future events in the coming year.”

- Graeme Boyd, Director LOUD Business Vancouver

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