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Jessica Manca, Experienced Leadership, Life & Career Coach, Author of Finding Passion

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Release overthinking, low confidence, and negative self-talk to reach your career goals. We'll shorten the learning curve starting now. When you've tried everything on your own to tackle career obstacles, it may be time to have a sounding board like Jessica, an ICF Professional Certified Coach.

Designed for over-thinkers, achievers, perfectionists and introverts. Get help with the deep mental work where you realize you're getting in your own way in your career.

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Discover the answers within you to gain clarity in your career and life.

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Learn How To Get Out of Your Own Way — Future-Proof Your Career with 1 to 1 Coaching

Evaluate Career Options Identify and evaluate career options
Next-level Develop strategies to find the right career for you
Introverts Overcome the inner story that's holding you back
Stay on Target with Accountability Accountability with an outside sounding board
Make lasting personal change Make lasting personal change

Coaching programs are accessible to any person regardless of your income, your profession, or your experience level. 100% online coaching.

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Finding Passion Book

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Self-Discovery Books

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions to Find the Right Career for You

Learn to ask yourself the difficult questions and figure out what you really want. This 10-step, proven method has helped professionals like you get alignment, dig deep, and gain clarity for the fulfilling life and career they want.

Available in Paperback or eBook

Amazon Reviews

I've read other books like this but you waste no time jumping right into asking me what I really want. I like it!

My favorite chapter in the book was Authenticity. A highly recommended read for all business professionals.

Finding Passion is well organized and makes personal reflection easy. The exercises helped me closely examine my own motivations allowing me to tap into my passion.

Career Coach Jessica Manca

Self-discovery Unlocks Your Potential and Brings Alignment to Find Passion and Purpose

Like you, I tried to apply the advice of others to overcome the burnout I experienced. But, it was easy to hide the truth from myself, like the warning signs I avoided, the imposter syndrome experienced, and the struggle of making life-changing career decisions. It was when I partnered with a professional coach that I felt empowered to find my passion and inner capacity to transform into the life I wanted.

My recipe for success in coaching is simple: Alignment + Self-discovery + Accountability helps you make the lasting changes you want. I'd like to help you in our first conversation disrupt what's holding you back.

I'm an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Executive Coach (CEC), Society of Human Resources Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) with over 1500+ hours and 16+ years experience coaching corporate professionals. Former Big Four management consultant (Technology) and HR Global Talent Management at Amazon.

Read her story on Finding Passion

International Coach Federation PCC designation Society for HR Professionals - Senior Certified Professional designation

Lasting Results

Career Coaching Testimonials

Working with Jessica was an eye-opening experience
Her coaching style and questions really dig beyond the obvious and helped me be more authentic and honest with myself. During our time together, Jessica helped me get clarity on what is blocking me from getting to where I want and was flexible to accommodate my systemic approach to self-development through her workbook, which I used in parallel with our sessions. Thank you, Jessica! You were very comfortable to work with and easy to be vulnerable around." — Amna A., Co-Founder of Knack

Amazed by the results I've had
I haven't worked with a coach since our previous meeting a few years ago. I use the values Jessica helped me discover as a touch stone frequently: kindness, sharing and growth. Jessica is a no BS person who helps me stay honest on how I am tracking. I trust Jessica to be direct with me and help me stay accountable on goals I set. After we reconnected, I couldn't wait to get started. Loved the first session and was amazed on how valuable it was. I already had an AHA moment." — Laura Skosnik, Senior Portfolio Manager, Canada at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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What is Coaching (really)?

Feeling restless means you're ready to explore a new chapter in your life. Coaching is:
Introverts A reality check to challenge assumptions
Consultants, High expectations Raising awareness when words/actions don't align
Consultants, High expectations A confidential conversation to help you move forward
Consultants, High expectations No judgment space to brainstorm and experiment
Consultants, High expectations A way to unlock personal & professional potential

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