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Ready to get out of your own way?

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What holds us back as achievers is ourselves

Disrupt the pattern of overthinking, perfectionism, and negative self-talk to reach your next level. We'll shorten the learning curve to figure it out.

When you've tried everything on your own, it may be time to partner with a Coach.

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Experience a private, 45-minute coaching session with me in this dedicated conversation to help you today. You'll gain a immediate results like a new strategy, self-understanding and a sounding board to ask you the questions that are difficult to ask yourself.


Jessica Manca, Career, Leadership & Certified Executive Coach

I believe self-discovery, not self-help, is the path to lasting personal transformation. Like you, I tried to apply the advice of others to overcome the burnout I experienced. But, it was easy to hide the truth from myself, like the warning signs I avoided, the imposter syndrome experienced, and the struggle of making life-changing career decisions. It was when I hired a certified executive coach that I felt empowered to find my passion, resiliency, and transform into the life I wanted. I'd like to help you disrupt the stories you tell to gain clarity and thrive.

My coaching programs include strategies, thinking exercises and ongoing accountability to help you make the changes you want and make them last. I'm an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Executive Coach (CEC), Society of Human Resources Certified HR Professional (SHRM-SCP) with over 1500+ hours and 16+ years experience coaching professionals like you. I wrote a book on my self-discovery journey called Finding Passion: A Self-Discovery Approach to Navigating the Career Crossroads.

Finding Passion Book

Find Your Passion
Challenge fears and old thinking
Reconnect with your inner desires
Make informed life-changing decisions
Align your career and lifestyle with fulfillment and happiness
Designed for busy professionals who want deep, personal answers and not quick fixes

Ready to get out of your own way?

Are you a...
Perfectionists, Over-thinkers Career-driven perfectionist and over-thinker who don't recognize themselves anymore? (i.e. burnout)
Next-level Life-long learner bored at work and ready for your next level?
Introverts Professional who want a simple, authentic life
Consultants, High expectations Early career to seasoned individual who resonates with this message?

Coaching complies with ICF standards and ethics and is completely confidential. Let's harness the potential you know is inside you, and reconnect with what you really want.

Coaching programs are accessible to any budget regardless of your income, your profession, or experience level.

Feeling restless means you're ready to explore a new chapter in your life. I'd love to be your guide.

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