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 International Coach Federation PCC designation

Ready to design a life of "no regrets"?

Let's toss the excuses, the imposter syndrome, and the lack of direction in life you feel.

Are you a high performer looking for a Thinking Partner to help you get out of your own way?

If you're feeling restless, finding it hard to stay motivated or getting the sensation you have a greater capacity within you, you're in the right place.

Feeling restless means you're ready to explore a new chapter in your career, Find your Passion and press reset.

Jessica Manca, Certified Career Coach & Author

I believe you have an untapped capacity within you. Like you, it's easy to hide the truth from ourselves, like the warning signs I avoided while I burned out of my job, the imposter syndrome experienced, and the struggle of weighing options for making life-changing career decisions. I've developed a combination of DIY resources + career coaching services to help you self-discover and self-manage your life.

I'm a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 750+ hours and 9+ years experience coaching high performers. Awarded Performance Coach of the Year (2007) and am author of Finding Passion (2013).


Career Transition & Reinvention, Authentic Leadership Development, Relationship Skills & Conflict Resolution, Work Life "Integration", Engagement at Work, Stress Management

Career and Personal Transformations

Benefit: Big LeapsNew Way of Being

“I knew that I no longer wanted to remain in my current situation. For years, I tried to work it out on my own but kept coming back to the same result...Within a very short period of time I changed the way I handled my day-to-day at work, learned to ask for what I needed, and carried myself.”

~ A. Doepker, Public Administrator

Benefit: Personal Power and PossibilitiesPersonal Power

“I loved working with Jessica, she helped me identify what were my limiting beliefs and co-created a journey to discover my personal power. The visuals and the work we did over the three months has helped me live my possibilities. And there are endless possibilities!”

~ Shawn Needham, Vancouver, BC

Benefit: StrengthOvercoming Overwhelm

“Before coaching, I was in a state of being overwhelmed, unsure where to start with the things that seemed insurmountable. Even just one coaching session helped to clear away the fog and bring a new focus to my thinking...”

~ Connie Wollschlager

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When we find our Passion, we figure out what we really want in our career.

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Bring your career questions, and experience a 45-minute private, 1:1 coaching session. Walk away with tangible next steps.


To succeed in being motivated,
you have to figure out
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